My Story

At Daisy Max we do things a little differently and will go above and beyond to meet your needs. We make and sell bespoke headbands.  Browse our handmade pieces, If you can’t find something but would like a special personalised product then we can work with you to design and create your perfect piece. Pick you own colour palette and add all the embellishments you desire.
Daisy Max hair accessories are a simple way to tap into bejewelling details and the occasional floral embellishment. Our brand is all things feminine with the Midas touch.  All creations are unique therefore no two items will be identical. Each design is made to order and can be adapted to create a bespoke piece that is perfect for you.

I’ve spent my entire career working in the fashion industry. I was always drawn to the major sparkle trends on the runway. I love the disco era and 80s mania, this inspired me for SS19 to bring out glitzy applications to all three of the most desired fashion pieces; our hair crowns, our denim jackets, and our arm candy.

You may ask, why Daisy Max?
True and dear to my heart were my two dogs; Daisy was my black Labrador and her brother Max was my German shepherd. When I started designing my creations, the joy and love was so reminiscent of the time I spent with Daisy and Max. I love the process of sourcing the most luxe materials as my canvas and sourcing the most beautiful stones to adorn it with to bring my art to life. Once I started, friends and family really brought me joy by loving and wearing the pieces – of which I had no intention to sell, only for private use. Everyone has encouraged me with wonderful feedback that I should share this with the world.  I enjoy making beautiful pieces, you enjoy wearing them, and here I am.

The Swans in my logo are important to me. A Swan is a bird that is a symbol of gracefulness and calmness. Swans are graceful as they float on top of the water, their energy is gentle, elegant and wise. They are very protective of their mate who they stay with for life. Swans also symbolise sensitivity, love and beauty. Because it has a domain over over water as well as air, the swan is considered to be the Bird of Light and is associated with the dawning of the Sun. They represent energy of unconditional love and Twin Flame union. The eternal love of oneness between 2 beings.

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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy shopping our bespoke collection of beautiful handmade, one of a kind headbands.  All creations are unique; therefore no two items will be identical.
As each piece is one of a kind, when similar designs are requested they will have slight variations to retain originality.
Our designs draw inspiration from all things beautiful to adorn your lives with sparkle, colour and vibrancy.